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There is nothing nicer than having a cup of coffee or tea, while reading a book, playing a board game or even working on your laptop while cuddling with a cat on either your lap or the table?

In September 2016, Pebbles Kitty Cat Café first opened her doors as the fifth cat café in the Netherlands, located on Hoogstraat 30A in Rotterdam. Ever since, we have had the opportunity to welcome many visitors in need of some cat love. On March 26 this year, Rachèl became the new owner and she hopes that all cat lovers can experience the relaxed atmosphere in the café as well as see for themselves how sweet and funny the cats are.

We are open Wednesday u/i Sunday, from 12AM to 5PM. Reserving a spot is mandatory and can easily be done through our website (up to 15 hours in advance). If you would like to reserve a spot last minute, we recommend sending us an email  info@pebbleskittycatcafe.com) or to give us a call (06-26413000). Reservations can also be made at the door, if we are not fully booked. We also work with different time slots:

12.00-13.30 hr

13.30-15.00 hr

15.00 -16.30 hr.

This gives you 1,5 hours, but you are more than welcome to stay longer if it is quiet in the café at the time you are there.

In order to be able to take the best care of our cats, we ask for a small entrance fee (€3,50 p.p.), you can see it as a small cat tax. From this fee we for example pay for the cat food, vaccinations, flea repellent, surgeries, new cat toys, cat litter, etc.

The concept
and how we operate

hese past few years more and more cat cafes have opened up around the world. The trend is originally from Asia, where many people in big cities can’t have cats as pets but do feel the need to enjoy the company of cats. A cat café is a café where you can eat and drink while cats are free to roam around. At Pebbles Kitty Cat Café we have 7 cats: Luna, Pixel, Pim, Giny, Roffa, Misty and Shade.

All of our cats are adopted from regional shelters in The Netherlands. We believe that pet owners should always consider adoption over breeders, since there are already so many cats and kittens out there looking for a warm and welcoming home. There is so much love to go around, so why not share it with these little angels, who were waiting for a happy home for too long already? We strongly believe in “Adopt, don’t shop!”. Our cats aren’t up for adoption and you also aren’t supposed to bring your own cat. If you would like to adopt a cat yourself, than we recommend going to Stichting Zwerfkatten Rijnmond.

At Pebbles you can come to relax, watch the funny behavior of our cats or just enjoy the presence of a sleeping cat. You are of course allowed to play or pet our cats, as long as they also want that. If the cats want to be left alone, they will find their way up in one of the sleeping spots higher up in the café. We have some house rules which are there to make sure the cats are comfortable in their own home. We thus kindly request that you follow these rules when you visit.

Oh, before we forget to mention it, we have boardgames which you are more than welcome to use as well as charging spots for your phone and laptop. You can pay with PIN only!

If we’ve piqued your curiosity and if you’re in need of some cat love, come by sometime!

Best regards,

Team Pebbles Kitty Cat Cafe