My Story

My name is Roffa. My name was thought of by Joni Zee. She participated in a fun competition about the name of the first cat in the cafe. Unfortunatly the beautiful name Roffa didn’t win, but everyone loved the name so much that I ended up with it anyway. But doesn’t that name suit me purrfectly? Roffa represents Rotterdam. The city is such a beautiful mixture of different people and nationalities! Did you know that Rotterdam is home to more than 175 different nationalities? How fun is that? And with my mixed and colourful fur I am a great example of the differently mixed people in this city. A true Roffa, don’t you think?

Just like my sister Giny I was born in the shelter in Slidrecht. My mommy used to have a nice home until she became pregnant and then she ended up on the street. I am not sure how that happened, but my mommy said that her adoptive parents could not take care of us kittens. Luckily my mommy was not on the street for too long until until she came to the shelter in Slidrecht. She then had me and my brothers and sisters in the shelter. And it was such fun there! We stayed together as a family for months and met so many other cats and nice humans. It’s time that we find a more permanent place and my mommy already found great new adoptive parents, but she can’t bring all of us along. Can you imagine how busy that would be?

And so the volunteers in the shelter came up with the idea of placing me into Pebbles Kitty Cat Cafe. I couldn’t wish for more. I love running around and playing with other cats and people. So what better place to go than a cat cafe? I’ve found a fun new home!


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We have had a first application interview with all of the new members of the Pebbles Kitty Cat Family. See below for some answers!


How old are you?

How old do you think I look? I was born in June 2016!

Are you healthy?

That’s an easy answer: yes! But I might come across as a little crazy at times.

What do you love?

I love getting attention and running after stuff; that can be anything, a ball, a laser pointer, a toy, another cat, a dust bunny (you name it, I chase it). I also have a love for chewing stuff, so make sure you don’t leave anything dangling (like shoe laces, cords, zippers).

And what do you really dislike?

People who don’t get that I’m the boss. I wanna play on my own terms and I am not the kind of cat who will stay on your lab for too long, so don’t even bother trying.

What makes you special?

What kind of question is that!? I am obviously the prettiest cat of them all!