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What else do we organize?

A cat café is pawesome in itself. However, we like to take this café to the next level by organizing special evenings once in a while. How about a night of yoga while surrounded by loving cats, a reading by a cat psychologist, a gamenight, or a pub quiz (without alcohol)! Below you will find what we have planned and you can register yourself for it! Be quick though! Only limited spots are available!


Learn cat behavior


Is my cat happy? This question we all like to ask our cats. But we humans do not speak ‘cat’, and cats do not speak ‘human’. So whenever we do ask this question, we unfortunately do not get an answer. Or do we? All cats are actually very chatty and are communicating with us in their very own special ways. And we can learn their language! It is not that hard, you just need to know it. And if it turns out that the cat might not be that happy as we thought … we can help to find the happiness back! For this we will organise an evening with a cat behaviorist that will teach you all about this!

Please note that the session itself will be held in Dutch



The cat behaviorism session will cost € 11,50 per person. This includes the entrance, coffee, tea, and naturally the lecture and all needed supplies, so you will not go home empty handed!


The session will be held on February 10, from 7 pm till 9:30 pm.


Unfortunately all sports are sold out. New dates will follow soon!


Want to learn cat behavior?