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We are open Wednesday u/i Sunday, from 12AM to 5PM. Reserving a spot is mandatory and can easily be done through our website (up to 15 hours in advance). If you would like to reserve a spot last minute, we recommend sending us an email ( or to give us a call (06-26413000). Reservations can also be made at the door if we are not fully booked. To prevent being disappointed, we recommend that people reserve a spot beforehand.

In order to ensure that the cats are well taken care of and are provided with all the essentials that they need, we ask visitors for a small contribution when they visit the café (€ 3,50- p.p.). You can see this as a necessary cat-tax. We also work with different time slots: 12:00AM – 1:30PM, 1:30PM – 3:00PM and 3:00PM – 4:30PM. This gives you 1,5 hours, but you are more than welcome to stay longer if it is quiet in the café at the time you are there.

Want to come with more than 4 people? Send us an email through our contact form or at

Please check your reservation confirmation mail! Is it for the right amount of people? For the right date? For the right timeslot? In case you want to change something, please send us an email and we’ll fix it for you!

We keep your table free for 30 minutes from the start of your reserved time slot. It can thus happen that if you come too late, that we have given your table to someone else. If you are late, that isn’t a problem at all, just let us know.

Unfortunately, it happens regularly that people do not show up. We find that especially sad because we sometimes have to refuse people at the door and are stuck with an empty table for 1,5 hours. If something occurs and you can’t make it, please cancel on time. You can do this on our website → go to the heading reservation and click on cancel reservation or send us an email or call us.

are also more than welcome at Pebbles. We do however have some house rules and recommend people to go over these with their children before visiting. We also think it is wise to inform your children that it could be that the cats are asleep at the time of your visit. Sometimes children are disappointed, but the cats are free do to whatever they want and sleep an average of 16-18 hours a day. We do have boardgames and coloring books in the café which children (as well as adults) are welcome to use.

If you have any other questions, you are free to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your reservation!

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